PC Tattletale 10.14

See What Your Kids Do ONLINE

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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A brilliant remote keylogger with excellent spy software, PC Tattletale brings all the details to you from computers in any location. Whether you want to watch your employees, children or spouse, PC Tattletale lets you observe from the comfort of the iPhone, the iPad, the Android or the PC. Installing this software does not take much. You can watch everything from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. Who might find this valuable? In particular, parents, business owners and teachers will all gush at potential in this product. Find out if your kids are actually doing their homework and leave them wide-eyed as they wonder how you knew they weren't, "Be careful!" They'll say, "Mom has superpowers!"

PC Tattletale installs with little technical knowledge, and within minutes, the software will send keystrokes straight to your email inbox. The filter software blocks inappropriate content and keeps kids safe when using the internet. However, if you want a more aggressive strategy, choose a monitoring program. This solution emphasizes tracking and reports every online activity.

Another sell point of this product boils down to PC Tattletale's ease of use. The one downside of that, however, will be you have fewer options to configure, which means less detailed tracking. Nevertheless, if you want it for something simple, you should have no problem. A novice will revel in the simplicity of it. For some cases, monitoring your children without their knowledge will be necessary and some programs hide themselves better than PC Tattletale because they will not appear in the Add/Remove Programs list or the Windows Task Manager. In particular, Spector Pro and eBlaster do a better job of staying out of the line of sight.

Be cautious that if you do decide to monitor the chat sessions or emails of your teenager, it could turn into a devastating blow to your mother-daughter trust relationship. You want to tread lightly and not abuse the power. Nevertheless, protecting your child from dangerous strangers who want to exploit children through instant messaging becomes essential. The program lists incoming and outgoing emails. Conversations from popular instant messaging platforms will also be revealed in scrutinizing detail. PC Tattletale lets you block harmful sites based on keyword filters set manually.

Email alerts send to the parent whenever a child has visited a bad site. Now the problem with this can be how the alerts may inundate your email inbox. To combat the problem, PC Tattletale offers up options to customize how often the alerts get sent. Because of screen capture, you have a solid view of what your kids do when you're away. A time and date stamp will be visible with screen view. You want your kids to stay safe when using the internet and PC Tattletale becomes your online watchdog.


  • Simplicity makes it easy to use
  • Monitor instant messaging conversations and incoming and outgoing emails
  • Block harmful sites with keywords
  • Watch everything from the comfort of your smartphone, iPad or PC


  • The ease of use also means a lack of features

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